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Costa Rican women have progressed on the socio-economic ladder and are on the cusp of shifting from traditional roles, like the housewife, to a modern role, such as a career women.  Even though they have progressed, they still maintain very conservative and traditional values on most topics.  For example, abortion is illegal in Costa Rica.  However, if you ask most women, how they feel about it, they would consider it to be murder.  In line with their strong catholic beliefs, they believe that life starts at conception.  They also maintain very traditional family values and normally maintain very strong family ties.nancy-dobles

Socioeconomic Class Defines Boundaries

Latin America’s middle class has expanded by roughly 50% between 2003 and 2013.  In Costa Rica, the women sometimes proudly say that their family is not poor!  It is middle class.  Similar to most Latin American countries, there still is a strong disparity in size between the upper, middle and lower classes.  The upper class women almost all have college educations.  They are normally fluent in several languages including English and their native Spanish.  They either are stay at home moms, or working along with their husbands to provide a two income household.  I know Costa Rican women who are doctors, lawyers, software engineers, flight attendants. business owners, hotel operators, and pharmaceutical saleswomen.  For people who work in a profession, with a college degree, the local salaries range between $2,000 per month and $4,000 per month.  There are rare exceptions where a women can earn much more than this, however, I know a few doctors and dentists that might double that amount.  doctora-costa-rica
Costa Rican women in the middle class usually have at least a high school diploma and sometimes some higher degree.  The middle class in Costa Rica earns roughly between $600 and $1,500 per month.  These are the women that you see working grocery stories, hotels, restaurants and department stores.  They hold jobs as waitresses, clerks and at the higher end they hold jobs in Call Centers.

Lower class Costa Rican women do not typically have an higher degrees.  They may or may not have finished high school.  Most of the time, these women became pregnant at a very young age and are caught early in the struggle of taking care of their kids, which leaves them little economic opportunity.  In most cases, their only choice is to get lucky and find a good man that can bring the bread home, so that they can focus on taking care of the kids.  In some cases, the man may make enough money to pay for a baby sitter.  Or, if the kids are school, she can maintain some kind of a job.  I know several Costa Rican women who were young a pregnant and yet they manage to hold down a job at the grocery store, and normally let Grandma watch their kids while both spouses work.

Life is hard for these women.  Not all manage to hold down good jobs that provide a contribution to their household.  Some of them get into drugs or prostitution.  The government estimates that less than 2% of women residing in Costa Rica, work full time as sex workers.  It is legal and some women consider this their best option to provide for their families.  You also have the full-time opportunists that are constantly looking for ways to empty the pockets of men.  They take advantages of the laws of Costa Rica, which are strictly sided with women, and they may have numerous ex-husbands on the line for alimony child-care support.  In some cases, it might be men from both Costa Rica and the US.

How to Meet Costa Rican Women

To get straight to the point, I will identify two ways to avoid meeting Costa Rican woman.  They are online dating services, or romance tours; and, women working in the sex trade.  The online introduction services or bridal tours are giant scams, and those women are normally sex-workers looking for angle on their life or a way out of the business.  You might as well just fly down and meet them where they normally work, in the Hotel Del Rey. costa-rica-romance-tour The people that run these romance tours, do not run background checks on these women.  They don’t assume any liability for problems.  Does she really have no kids?  Is she really 25?  Its all nothing but smoke and mirrors.  The goal is separate the victim from his money.  Some of the money flows to the tour operator and some of the money flows to the women and their families.  I even know a case, where an elder gringo came down to Costa Rica for a marriage tour.  He thought he had found the love of his life.  He quit his job and packed up all his belongings to move to Costa Rica.  When he arrive at her house, she tied him up and robbed him of everything she could.  The other really bad way to meet Costa Rican women, is to find a sex worker that you like, and try to change her life, or save her from her destiny.  There are lots of gringos who pose as knights in white armor that come down to swoop-up these pretty ladies, only to find that they quickly become the victim of a women with bad intentions, and lots of street smarts.  I personally know of two cases, where the women had their gringo boyfriends locked in jail on phony abuse charges.  Save yourself a lot of frustration and avoid the romance tours, and the sex workers.

On the upside, that rules out only 2% of the population of women in Costa Rica.   The other 98% are either married or available and you will just need to fly down and immerse yourself in some culture and activities to meet them.  For example, I take a yoga class on Monday’s and Friday’s, which is loaded with Costa Rican women.  After class there is always conversations.  It is very social and I meet several new Costa Rican women every week this way.  Now, I’m not single anymore, but if I was, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.  Why?  Because Costa Rican women like men that don’t look Latino.  They are very interested in foreign men.  If you have some game, and some good looks, it is very easy.  In my case, I  probably have even more of an advantage due to my genetics.  I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  These genetic traits are in high demand with Costa Rican Women.

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