Costa Rica Excursions

An excursion is when a group of people travel to a place, with a specific purpose, which could be educational, leisure or related to some physical activity. Costa Rica is a great country to visit if your group is looking for a eco-friendly excursion.  One thing common across all excursions, is there is normally some kind of challenge.  This makes the trip more rewarding, as you can casually compete with each other, and return with photos, videos and great memories.

Costa Rica Fishing Excursions

Costa Rica is a great destination for fishing excursions on both the Caribbean and Pacific costs.  You can find fishing charters all over the country and the most popular locations include Quepos, Los Sueños, Tarcoles, Papagayo, Golfito and you can also find charters north Limon and farther north where you will find monster Tarpon fishing in the waterways of the Caribbean.  In Costa Rica, you will find sport fishing tours and charters for the species indicated in the image below (courtesy of


The probably of actually catching fish has a lot do with the season that you are fishing the quality of the crew.   The crew are normally bilingual local fisherman, and depending on the season, they should know exactly what to fish for, where, and what type of bait to use.  Your success will highly depend on the expertise of your crew.  Throughout the year, there are also sport fishing tournaments.  Here is a list of some upcoming tournaments:

Hurry up and sign-up for a tournament!

Costa Rica Yoga Excursion

There is a long list of yoga, fitness and detox retreats in Costa Rica.  Hacienda Del Sol is located in San Juanillo, Guanacaste, which is on the Nicoya Peninsula and about 5-6 drive from San Jose. hacienda-del-sol-yogaHere the retreat consists of yoga on the beach, fitness and raw food detox program.    You also have Blue Spirit Costa Rica, which is a yoga and fitness spa  located in Nosara which is also on the Nicoya Peninsula.  On the famous world class surfing beach of Montezuma, you can also visit Montezuma Yoga, which provides classes, retreats, and yoga packages.  If you want to try the Caribbean side, please check-out Samasati Nature Retreat, which is located on 250 acres of rain forest which overlooks the sea.  Here you are close to both the beaches of Puerto Viejo and the Bri Bri indigenous tribe.  In addition to yoga, they offer nature retreats, honeymoons, bird watching and indigenous tours.  The Sancutary at Two Rivers retreat is probably one of the largest retreats and yoga training centers located  on Playa Cabuya and next to Santa Teresa, Mal Pais and Montezuma.  Here you stay in jungle tree houses and get serious lessons in yoga in a very eco-friendly environment.  You can also book a trip with Pacha Mama, which is located 10 KM north of Nosara, on the road to Tamarindo.

Costa Rica Hiking Excursion on Mount Chirripó

Mount Chirripó is the tallest mountain in Costa Rica at 12,500 feet and located in the Talamanca mountain range south of the Central Valley.  For centuries, the local indian tribes considering the peaks of Chirripó to be sacred and left the mountain largely unexplored.  It is rumored that man did not reach the peak until 1904.  In 1975, the government declared the areas around Chirripó a National Park and now it is 195 square miles of protected topical highlands, with a lot of bio-diversity.  mount-chirripo-costa-ricaThe climate in the area varies greatly by slope and altitude.  Temperatures around the peak do reach 32 degrees or freezing many times throughout the year.  At night time, the peak experiences bitterly cold winds which exceed 80 KPH, so you will need to pack for both warm and cold weather.  The trek to the peak consists of a quick 3 day / 2 night tour.  The climb itself is fairly challenging, however, no technical equipment is required to reach the peak.  There is a lodge located about half way up, where you normally stay for the night.  Plan on sleeping here in very cold weather and do your best to dry out any clothing that got wet along the way.  The second day consists of the push the top.  And the final day is the trek downwards.


Costa Rica Cave Excursions

There are two locations where you can explore caves in Costa Rica:  Venado by Arenal Volcanoe and Barra Honda in the Nicoya Peninsula in Barra Honda National Park.  The venado caves were formed by a combination of tectonic movements and an underground river.  There is about 2,700 meters of limestone caves with both Stalactite and Stalagmite formations.  While exploring these caves, you will see bats, frogs, fish and marine fossils.  barra-honda-caves-costa-ricaYou need to wear comfortable hiking boots or shoes (flip flops are not permitted) and clothes that you are comfortable getting wet and dirty, as you will do both.  You should also bring a waterproof camera capable of shooting in the dark.  The Barra Honda cave system is also a limestone and takes you as deep as 780 feet in places.   To get to caves, you need to make a short hike through the tropical forest, where you might see monkeys, anteaters or other tropical animals.  In total, there are about 42 caves and you should plan on a whole day tour, with a one hour break for lunch.

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