Paseo Colon Costa Rica

Paseo Colon Costa Rica

The Paseo Colon Costa Rica is a upper scale sector of San Jose which is just west of El Centro. It is a a strip of hotels, restaurants, and shopping that has recently experienced somewhat of a renaissance…. Read More


Del Rey Hotel Costa Rica – The Girls

Del Rey Hotel Costa Rica Overview One of the most famous destinations in the world for single men is the Del Rey Hotel Costa Rica. You only have to visit one time, and your outlook on women, dating,… Read More


D’Pelufos Night Club

San Jose Costa Rica is known to many as an adult playground. Similar to places like Las Vegas, the many sins that men want to commit are legal. This includes gambling and prostitution. For this reason, there are… Read More


Recession Boosts Sex Tourism in Costa Rica

The global recession is have a boosting effect on sex tourism in Costa Rica.  Women who are unemployed and struggling from all over Latin America are traveling to Costa Rica to earn a living as a sex worker…. Read More

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