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On average, finding a partner and having sex in Costa Rica is much easier than North America.  There are two ways to go about finding sex in Costa Rica.  You can either pay for it directly, as prostitution is legal, or you can find a partner through the mainstream channels.


What I have found to be different between Costa Rica and North America, is both sexes go out looking for sex.  It is not always the man chasing the woman.  Sometimes the woman is chasing the man.  This is true for both sexes and does not discriminate between homo or heterosexual sex.  So, men chase men and women chase women too, if they happen to be homosexual.  There are less sexual hangups in Costa Rica.  Perhaps, this is what makes Costa Rica the happiest place on earth? Come down and decide for yourself.

Sex Tourism

Costa Rica is a great place to visit, and also an easy place to find men or women who are will to provide sexual services for hire.  Probably the center of all the action is located in San Jose in the Hotel Del Rey or other hotels in Barrio Ammon and Barrio Ottoya.  If that doesn’t suite your needs, you can also go to any night club, or massage parlor throughout the city and find whatever you need.    There are countless options here;  however some of the more popular night clubs include Tango India, D’Pelufos, Pantera Rosa, Kamur, Night Girls, Club Nicole, Pirate Club and some of the most popular massage parlors include Hotel Little Havanah, New Fantasy, Golden Girls, Margaritas and Bar Idem. There are also several bars that cater to the gay scene, such as Club Oh and there used to be a bar called Puchos; however, rumor has it that this just burnt down.  Even though prostitution is legal,  pimping and solicitation on the street is illegal.  The only service providers you will find taking the risk in the streets are normally transexual sex workers, who are not permitted in most establishments.  By the way, if that is something that you desire, you only to go to Parque Morazán or around Club Oh near the Clinica Biblica.   Please note, these areas are not that safe, so you should definitely be vigilant and travel in numbers, if possible.  If you want to hire a girl, or a guy for that matter, the price is normally totally negotiable, unless you are in a night club or a massage parlor.  For the latter two, you need to ask the manager what the price is and normally there are rooms in the back or upstairs.   In the hotel or the nightclub, you can also offer to buy-out the girl at a price and taker her out presumably to do more clubbing or to go back to your room.    Bear in mind, these girls do not come from great backgrounds and many of them are into drugs and tend to steal from customers.  There have been some rare cases reported where the women use a date rape drug and seriously rob there customers, and put their lives in danger.  This is the exception, rather than the norm, as a women this desperate usually gets a reputation and doesn’t survive very long in the business.  A common urban legend is that there is some sort of official or mandatory STD testing in Costa Rica.  There is nothing of the sort. Thus, you need to practice safe sex or face the risks.  The ministry of health has estimated that there are about 2,000 women in Costa Rica being treated for AIDS and it is estimated that 1 in every 100 sex workers are carrying HIV.  That said, the rate for HIV in Costa Rica is no higher than the US or Canada, so there is no need to be alarmists providing your are taking precautions.

If you venture out of San Jose, Jaco is probably the second largest destination to find yourself a partner for hire.  You can find girls in the Jungle Bar, the Blue Marlin II bar, casinos, hotel Copacabana, or Hotel Cocal.  There is also a night club to your right, as you travel in by San Jose.  If you are looking for daytime action, you can normally just walk around town and find women shopping or having drinks at the beach.  The Bahia restaurant and bar and Claritas Beachfront bar always have girls hanging around during the day time.  These are normally free lancers and in that case you need to negotiate price and location.

In San Jose and other beach towns, you can find women from all over Latin America working their trade.   The majority come from neighboring Nicaragua and Colombia.  However, there are many from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba.  If you are looking for variety, there is no limit, from blond hair and blues eyes to very mestizo looking girls, to afro-Caribbean Domincan girls.  As a general rule, the darker girls tend to come from the Caribbean and the lighter complected girls are from South America.

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Mainstream Dating and Hook-Ups

If you have any sort of good looks and a decent personality, I don’t see why you would even bother paying for sex in Costa Rica.   Like I said earlier, both men and women, go out on the night looking for it.  Its not some huge challenge, especially if you are looking for one night stand.  If you are in the Central Valley area, there are many clubbing options in San Jose where you can easily meet a member of the opposite and even same sex.  Here are some options:

  • Club Vertigo, San Jose
  • Castro’s Bar and Discoteque, San Jose
  • El Pueblo, San Jose
  • El Cuartel, Barrio Escalante
  • Henry’s Beach Cafe, Escazu
  • Jazz Cafe, Escazu
  • Jazz Cafe, San Pedro
  • Latino Rock Cafe, Barrio La California
  • Luxe Lounge Club, Escazu
  • Mojitos Dance Club, San Jose Centro
  • Mundoloco el Chante Bar, San Pedro
  • Nova Río Bar, San Pedro
  • Pub Rock Bar, San Jose
  • Rapsodia Lounge and Night Club, San Jose
  • Sand Rock Bar, San Pedro
  • Gaira, Escazu (Closed in 2014)
  • Fandango’s, Escazu

Also keep in mind, that Costa Ricans tend to like very loud music in bars. It is normally very hard to carry out a conversation, but easy to mingle, drink and dance. If you wake-up with hangover, and you probably will if you do things right, the locals normally treat it with “sopa mundongo” which is essentially tripe soup. I tried it once and couldn’t get through a full bowl, because I kept thinking “hmmm….. cow stomach! gross!” However, the locals swear by it.


These are all places where you are likely to find someone from either the middle or upper class.  Even though a lot of people speak some English, you will probably want to learn basic Spanish to have success here.  When I first moved to Costa Rica, and was still single, my basic Spanish was enough to get me by.   The language of love is much more than words and you can usually find a way to communicate your point.   When in doubt, speak English.  The girls from the middle and upper class almost all took English in High School or College.  I honestly don’t think you want to consider the lower class, as there will be lots of cultural differences that are difficult to sort out.  On top of that, you don’t want everyone in their family living off of you.  Most of the lower class girls are for hire anyhow, and you won’t find them hanging out the places I recommend above.

A lot of Americans of both sexes do come down and end-up pairing with a Costa Rican.  I know several married couples where either the man or the woman is married to a Tico.  If you are looking for something more serious than a fling, I absolutely recommend avoiding the sex tourist scene and the online dating or marriage tour scams.  There is simply no easy alternative, other than spending more time in the country and socializing and dating until you find your match.  This happened to me six years ago, and I am a testimonial that this is very possible.  Dating in Costa Rica is not much different than in the US.  It requires some risk and sharing of your personal side, until you find someone compatible.  Getting laid in Costa Rica is very easy!  However, finding your match will require much more work.  Plan on traveling here more.  Don’t settle for the first person you meet.  Let things happen and perhaps you will find your destiny.

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