Love Costa Rica Style

If you are a single male and travelling to Costa Rica, you may eventually run into the pay for sex scene. Its actually very hard not to. If you go to any tourist destination, the girls will be there at night. They target gringos, so YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. When they look at you and say “Que guapo!”, they are not actually referring to your stunning good looks. It is a tactic to get you to open your wallet and provide them with money. Think nothing more of it. It is legal in Costa Rica, so if you want, you can easily partake. However, don’t let them turn into your girlfriend. Believe it or not, some of them are either looking for a way out, or just are looking for a steady customer that can help them pay their bills. Either way, It is not real!!! They are only interested in your pocket book.  This is called love Costa Rica style and I want to help you to not fall into this trap.

Many will tell you lies. For example, if you go to Jaco and go to any bar on the beach, you might find some girls. If they approach you, it is likely that they are prostitutes. Keep this in mind. Because, if they find out that you live in Costa Rica, they sometimes lie about their occupation. They see you as a potential life raft. You are a means of helping them out of poverty.

costa rica prostitutes gringos

costa rica prostitutes gringos

Almost all relationships that start this way are doomed to fail. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Thus, if you think that paying her $100 per week, to keep her from hooking, is success, then more power to you. To me – that is not a relationship.

I’m also amazed to see some of the ignorant older gringos that are walking in the malls with a girl that is 20 or 30 years younger. Now, come on!!! If there is a generation between you in age. There is going to be a huge gap in everything from expectations, maturity, etc. So, if you don’t have anything in common, why even waste your time? She still is ONLY looking at your pocket book. She doesn’t find you attractive. She probably even makes fun of you behind your back.

Wise up!!! Why? Because, of the 2 million women in Costa Rica, less than 1 percent of them are prostitutes. If you are looking for love, do not waste your time on them. Take a risk. Go for someone more your age. Look for someone in the middle to upper classes. Maybe take yoga class or cooking class. Just like in the United States, this is where you should be looking for love. There are lots of beautiful women in Latin America and not all of them have a meter running.

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