Finding the Right Woman in Costa Rica

Tip #1 – Stick to some ground rules

Gentlemen – wake up!  Just like anywhere else in the world, you should be somewhat picky.  She must be within 10 years of your age. She cannot be too young or too old, as there will be nothing in common. She must be either from the middle or upper class. Stay away from the poor girls that are only looking for a sugar daddy. She must have a job and/or be educated. She must have some sense of maturity and responsibility. Test her on her sense of responsibility.   Just because she is from Costa Rica, doesn’t mean she should be considered in any different light.  Better if you have something in common.  If one of these ground rules is broken, then I walk the other way.   Stick to these ground rules, and perhaps you can meet someone in Costa Rica, and stand a chance.One final very important point – this takes courage. You must be able to take a risk. You must be able to say HI. You have to have some game. You need the confidence to be able to introduce yourself. Otherwise, you will never get out of the “staring at each other” phase.

Tip #2 – Don’t look for love in the wrong places

Typical Girls at Hotel Del Rey
If you are a single male and travelling to Costa Rica, you may eventually run into the pay for sex scene. Its actually very hard not to. If you go to any tourist destination, the girls will be there at night. They target gringos, so YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. When they look at you and say “Que guapo!”, they are not actually referring to your stunning good looks. It is a tactic to get you to open your wallet and provide them with money. Think nothing more of it. It is legal in Costa Rica, so if you want, you can easily partake. However, don’t let them turn into your girlfriend. Believe it or not, some of them are either looking for a way out, or just are looking for a steady customer that can help them pay their bills. Either way, It is not real!!! They are only interested in your pocket book.Many will tell you lies. For example, if you go to Jaco and go to any bar on the beach, you might find some girls. If they approach you, it is likely that they are prostitutes. Keep this in mind. Because, if they find out that you live in Costa Rica, they sometimes lie about their occupation. They see you as a potential life raft. You are a means of helping them out of poverty.Almost all relationships that start this way are doomed to fail. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Thus, if you think that paying her $100 per week, to keep her from hooking, is success, then more power to you. To me – that is not a relationship.I’m also amazed to see some of the ignorant older gringos that are walking in the malls with a girl that is 20 or 30 years younger. Now, come on!!! If there is a generation between you in age; there is going to be a huge gap in everything from expectations, maturity, etc. So, if you don’t have anything in common, why even waste your time? She still is ONLY looking at your pocket book. She doesn’t find you attractive. She probably even makes fun of you behind your back.Wise up!!! Why? Because, of the 2 million women in Costa Rica, less than 1 percent of them are prostitutes. If you are looking for love, do not waste your time on them. Take a risk. Go for someone more your age. Look for someone in the middle to upper classes. Maybe take yoga class or cooking class. Just like in the United States, this is where you should be looking for love. There are lots of beautiful women in Latin America and not all of them have a meter running.

Tip #3 – Learn Spanish

Master 1,000 vocabulary cards and the present, imperfect and future progressive tenses.

You are going to have to spend some time learning Spanish. Imagine the reverse situation. You are a Spanish speaker and looking for love in the US. If you don’t speak any English, imagine how limited your options will be? In order to learn Spanish, it is probably best to immerse yourself in the language. Now, this would be very hard in the US, unless you lived in a Spanish speaking city such as Miami. You can also make a extended trips to Spanish speaking countries and take immersion courses. However, if you don’t practice EVERYDAY, this will do you no good. THE KEY IS TO PRACTICE EVERY DAY!

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I learned basic Spanish in one year and advanced Spanish in two years.

1. Enroll in an online course. This will allow you to work on grammar and vocabulary anywhere. No need to carry around books.

2. Buy a practice Spanish work book that forces you to practice written and oral Spanish. I recommend this three pack of books:

Spanish Primer Course


Finally, I recommend using flash cards. This is very important. You can build your vocabulary to 1,000 words in two to three months. Thats all it took for me! This system works.

3. Take extended trips to areas of the world where only Spanish is spoken. As an alternative, you can fly to Miami and beg people to speak to you in Spanish.

4. Watch the news in Spanish. Take notes on words or grammar you don’t understand. You must hear Spanish constantly and it will eventually sound natural to you. The key hear is memory, retention and repetition.

Follow this program, and you will be speaking basic Spanish in one year. When I say basic Spanish, I mean more than tourists Spanish. I mean communication. You must start with the present, imperfect past, and future progressive tenses. Learn 1,000 words and master these three tenses and you will be able to carry on basic conversations about nearly anything.

Tip #4 – Take extended trips to Costa Rica and immerse yourself in the culture

bailando cumbia

Bailando Cumbia

You must plan on spending more time in Costa Rica. I would plan on making a three to six month trip. Yes – this will require significant time off from work, if you have a regular job. Perhaps you can check with HR to see if a short-term leave of absence is possible. This will provide you with some health insurance coverage and you won’t need to look for a job when or if you return.For a longer term stay, I would recommend finding a furnished apartment in a safe area around San Jose. There are a couple of neighborhoods that I would recommend:

1. Rohmoser
2. Escazu
3. Santana
4. San Pedro / Los Yoses
4. Curridibat
5. La Sabana
I would not recommend anywhere inside in San Jose, as that will provide many restrictions, due to security, and also distractions by the girls you should stay away from.

Tip #5 – Put yourself in a position of availability

Probably the worst place to look for love in Costa Rica is in some bar. Can you have some success this way? Perhaps! But, you have to abide by the 4 ground rules that I explained in tip #1. I met my wife in grocery store. Is this common? Probably not! However, it is very easy to meet women in Costa Rica. You need to be patient and take on some risk. She might even say NO!

Quite honestly, its all about just putting yourself in a position of availability. Here are some very easy options:

1. Take a cooking or yoga class. These are loaded with women! Try the new Sabores which is located next to the EPA in Escazu. Yoga classes are everywhere.

2. Go to the parks! Maybe even go jogging in the park. Okay, you want a guaranteed way to meet women??? Bring a cute puppy to the park with you. When my dogs were puppies, I would bring them to the park, and get stopped every five steps by women want to see them. This one is just too easy. If you can’t buy one, then borrow a friend’s dog for a walk. Buy a puppy on your trip, and give it to a friend to take care of while you are not in the country.

3. Go to the Mall. There are tons of single women walking around the malls every weekend. Take a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair and hit the mall.

4. Join a gym. This is another easy one. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a pair meet in the gym. It happens everyday. Not everyone is just there to work out. Many women go just to show off their assets. Its cheap advertising for them. If they are available and looking, you will know it.

gym costa rica

gym costa rica

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Tip #6 – Make friends

The easiest way to meet someone in Costa Rica is by way of friendly introductions. This is simple! You must have some friends. They don’t necessarily need to be just local people or just gringos. You need to mingle with people who live here. Mingle with people that know other people. I have been introduced to several women this way. Its very easy.

6 Comments on “Finding the Right Woman in Costa Rica

  1. what about North American woman (canadian) starting a relationship with a Tico, any advise??

    • I’m probably not a good one to ask. I do know of one American woman who is happily married to a Tico. I also know there are many good Ticos out there. However, this is really not my terrority and I will defer to another woman’s opinion.

  2. You offer great advice and I totally agree.

    Just curious, have you seen many interracial couples? Technically your in a interracial relationship but our culture does not see it that way.

    I’m African-American BTW.


    • There are many, many interracial couples in Costa Rica. The majority of the population is Mestizo, which means Indian and Spanish genes mixed. Both the US culture and the CR culture recognize us as a mixed-race couple. I’m American of English decent and she is Mestizo of Costa Rican decent. Our families see it this way as well. We fully understand we are mixed-race.

      I don’t really agree that mixed-race is always black and white. However, there are many Costa Ricans of African decent. Have you seen the Costa Rican boxer Hannah Gabriels??? She is what you would call Mulato. Her mother is Mestizo and her father is Tico of African decent. I’m pretty sure if you asked Hannah what her ethnicity is – she would proudly say Mulata or perhaps Tica. Mulato is simply Latino and African genes mixed.

      If you look at the Carribean, South American and especially Brazil, the population of Black Latinos is probably 4 to 5 times larger than the US. I think Brazil alone might be larger.

      Thanks for the post. I hope I answer your questions and provide unbiased information. I get along with all colors.

  3. You provide great information! I just haven’t spoken to enough Latin Americans to get their views on racial issues, its not really important its just interesting to talk about every so often.

    It does answer my questions.

    I will pass on your information to others.

    One more thing, would you be interested in an interview for my podcast?

    My site is not up yet as I am still gathering content before it goes live.

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