Costa Rica Girls

Costa Rica women, both young and old, refer to themselves proudly as Tica (singular) or Ticas (plural).  Thus, my wife is Tica and my daughter is half Tica and half American.  

The Untold Truth

costa-rica-ticaProbably one of the largest myths, which is really based in gringo sex tourism, is that Tica is synonymous with prostitute.  This is a large exaggeration and could get you into trouble in some cases.  That said, yes there are very many beautiful and exotic Costa Rican women.  If you want to get a sampling, just check out the local newspaper called La Teja.  Now, here you will find what I would consider to be Costa Rican women, who are amateur models.  Do they make a living modeling?  Certainly Not!  They probably all have regular jobs somewhere in Costa Rica.  This could be working in a hotel, restaurant or even the local grocery store.   For your entertainment, I will include photos of sexy Costa Rican women throughout this post, courtesy of La Teja Newspaper.  Please also not that these women are amateur models, and have nothing to do with the sex industry. Near the bottom, a hotel recommendation is also included, where you are guaranteed to meet 100% Costa Rican women.

Press the PLAY button below to listen to the TCR Podcast Episode 2 which discusses this topic.

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Costa Rica Women

Costa Rica is a country of about 4 million residents.  If you review statistics. less than 1% of all women living in Costa Rica, earn money from the sex trade.  Of this small percentage, a large costarica-girl-4majority of the women are foreigners from countries like Colombia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.  This means that in Costa Rica, there are roughly 40,000 sex workers total.   Of those 40,000 sex workers, less than half are Ticas or of Costa Rican descent.  Thus, 20,000 or less; or, less than half of one percent of women in Costa Rica are prostitutes.  If you choose to partake in this activity, bear in mind, that Costa Rica has very strict laws about the age limit.  If you do not take this seriously, you will face a long time in prison in Costa Rica.  After your Costa Rica jail term, you will also face a long time in prison in the US. Do not make a mistake!

How does this statistic stack-up with other countries in the world?  I honestly do not know.  However, I don’t think it is different than the US or Canada.   Since, it is illegal in the US, it is difficult to arrive at statistics.  However, perhaps someone reading this blog can prove me right or wrong? If you want a practical guide to finding love in San Jose, you will find no better than the guide here:

Party Girls

You don’t have to try to hard to come across what I call party girls in Costa Rica.  The video below shows some girls who are being paid a small amount of money to shake their money maker on stage at the Fiesta de Palmares.    In reality, you can find girls just like this anywhere in Costa Rica.   They live the life of partying.  They like loud music, preferably Reggaeton.  They stay out all night and sleep all day.  Since they are pretty girls, they usually don’t have to work.  They kind of just live off of people.    For example, if you want one as your girlfriend, you can pretty much sizer her up by how much she will cost weekly.  I see them everywhere.   They were tempting when I was single, but I stayed away, because I didn’t want the overhead.


Working Girls

As I have said repeatedly, don’t confuse the term tica with prostitute.  Too many gringos come down on vacation and seem to think the two are the same.    That said, prostitution is a legal profession in Costa Rica.  The only illegal part is pimping and solicitation in the public.  Thus, they cannot legally walk the streets.  They must employ their trade inside a casino or hotel, or the various night clubs around town.  Since they are not in danger of being arrested, they are actually quite casual about it.   Its just another job.    You might hear them say, I need to go to work.  This means that they need to go to the casino or hotel, where they sell their services.

costarica-girl-3If you decide to engage with them, do not mistreat them.  They are protected by law.  You will find yourself on a fast road to a small jail cell, where you will stay for some months, until you cool off.  Treat them with respect and understand that many come from some  pretty terrible backgrounds.  Don’t be surprised if she is a thief, that is how she was brought up.  Many of them do have fingers that can move quickly through your belongings, so be aware of this.  Despite what she thinks, her poor upbringing does not give her the “right” to be a thief.  Nor, does it provide her with some kind of get out of jail free card.  If you are a victim of theft, probably the best thing you can do is report it to the hotel security and get her banned.  Even though a jail cell is more fitting, cutting her off from her place of work, might also send the message across.

In all, this topic is well covered on other blogs, but I need a landing page, because I get traffic that is looking for this topic. If you are interested, enjoy a video of the girls.  If you plan to fly down to see them, you are welcome, and I hope you trust me as an certified Expedia Affiliate and book using this site:  Minor disclaimer – if you book through this web site, you will have to done your own researching to see if the hotel permits this kind of activity.  It is an easy question – do you allow female guests?  If so, what is the guest fee?   They will know exactly what you are asking.   :-)

 Where to Meet Costa Rican Women?

It is very easy to meet a large variety of Costa Rican women in San Jose.  However, the easiest way by far is to head to certain hotels, in what they call La Zona Roja. Here you will find Ticas and beautiful women from all over Latin America, including Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

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Hotel Dunn Inn, Barrio Amon – Rooms start at $74

This is an excellent hotel and a great place to meet Costa Rican women.  The restaurant and lounge area has just been renovated, as have many of the rooms. The hotel also now has a small casino and poker room. This area is within walking minutes of all the adult entertainment you could ever imagine. You are also in a very historic part of the city which features Spanish architecture.  There are very many nice restaurants, art galleries, museums and other attractions to explore.

To meet the women, just make your way down to the lobby bar around happy hour, where the ladies usually get some free drinks. You will be pleasantly surprised by the crowd that starts at happy hour.

hotel-dunn-inn-costa-rica hotel-dunn-inn-room-costa-rica

Amenities Include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Free breakfast
  • A small casino and poker table


Latinas versus Gringas

costarica-girl-6There is a very large difference between Latinas and Gringas.  Here is a list of characteristics that I see everyday:

  • Latinas are 100% women.  They know the role well and they like it. They like to be mother and wife.  They are okay with the role of housewife, providing the man can bring in the bread.  Latinas see men and women as different things all together.  The man should work.  The woman should clean.   The main should fix things around the house.  The woman should change diapers and do laundry.  On the other hand, Gringas seem to be caught up in modern day Oprah Winfrey-ism.  Just like men, they have a strong competitive instinct.  Its all about social and career status.  They don’t see a large division in role between the man and woman.  They believe that the guy should help with diaper changes.  They think it is okay to pursue their career and let daddy stay home and babysit the kids.  They want to control the finances and check on the investments.  They need to plan ahead and see you a strong contributor to their future.   In summary, Latinas and Gringas have a very different perception of their role in the family.
  • Latinas blood runs much hotter than gringas.   You can interpret that in several ways.  They like to dance, and they are damn good at it.  They can dance all day and all night, and not even tire.   They get angry easily.  However, the anger is different.   It doesn’t last weeks, its usually short-term.  In fact, they can even still have sex when they are angry.  Trust me – I’m certified in this category.   And last but not least, Latin women are hotter in bed.   There you have it.  This is the undeniable truth.  Gringas are warm blooded, but they don’t have a fire burning inside of them.  They get angry, but its softer and more calculated.  They can hold a grudge for weeks or months.   Some dance, but it doesn’t look the same.  Latinas seemed to put an extra wiggle into every steps, which streams from their hot Spanish origins.
  • Latinas like to be hit upon.  They show off their money maker, and reciprocate when a male calls their attention.  No, they don’t consider it to be rude.    Gringas think you are being an obnoxious or chauvanistic pig.   We don’t live in caves anymore or act your age!  In my experience, Gringas will size you up by your socioeconomic status and your value to their future happiness.  The definition of chauvinism – an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex.  Gringas like competition so they hate the fact that you can’t just respect them for that  and treat them as equal.



Discover How Easy it is To Meet Costa Rican women HERE

In Summary

I find Costa Rican women to be a refreshing change from the stereotype that I’m familiar with in the United States. They are naturally beautiful. They take care of themselves. Although they probably have not made the same socio-economic progress that Gringas have made back at home, they are not far behind.  They tend to be very family orientated and much more conservative from a social and political standpoint.  They also have more of a live in the moment attitude.  When you think about it, living in the moment is totally contrary to how we are programmed in the US.  So, I think it is actually a healthy balance for me.  I have spent my whole life worrying about the future.  My latina wife has helped me to live more in ‘”today”.

My Costa Rican wife is my world.  She is the best mother.  She is saavy, funny, cute and sexy and we both feel that we will grow old together.

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16 Comments on “Costa Rica Girls

  1. Some good points. I especially like your anger contrast between Ticas and Gringas, you hit that one the head:-)

    I my experience it is best to completely avoid giving girls (or anyone) in CR the opportunity to steal, by locking up all your stuff in the hotel safe!

    If your stuff is stolen forget about it. Reporting it to the police or security is a total waste of time.

    I also think it is important to mention that it is best to stay in the more reputable places e.g. Sportsman / Del Rey if you are looking for an escort. And if you are looking for a girl online ( or be sure to meet them FIRST in a very public place.

    Be safe out there:)

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  4. I am moving I will be looking for a wife but to CR in a month or so. Yes I hope to find a wife. Im also a millionaire and know after so many women who is out for my money and I have had masters at this in the past. Im not looking to get with the hookers.Im looking for that rare bring her home to mom type girl. You mentioned that these type of girls wish to be paid weekly. How much do people pay them? obviously if I found one she would live with me. Im all about taking care of my women I have had everything throughout my life but I get more pleasure living my life like this.

    • Hi Dexter,

      Assuming that what you are saying is real – you are a millionaire. I recommend skipping Costa Rica. Right there, you are flaunting money publicly, which you may or may not have. If you do have it, do not flaunt it in Costa Rica. I also think your idea of having a chica under your control for a weekly price is totally stupid.

      If you like her, step up and be a man. Or, be a dumb-ass and pay her to your pretend girlfriend.

  5. Question, planning a bachelor party in costa rica (10 guys). We are thinking of renting a house or two and have the girls come over. We went to DR last year with the same setup and just wondering how costa rica is. Any advice?

    • Hi Dan,

      You are certain to have a great time in Costa Rica and I can help plan. When are you coming down? What part of the country do you plan to stay?

  6. Hello. I really enjoyed your article. I’m a Senior Internet Software Architect. I’m not a millionaire, but I manage. :-) I went to CR last year and was I captivated! I want to return this year with hopes of doing what you did; find the “one”. My Spanish is not “that” bad, but I intend on making it better. I too have had it with the ways of the American female. I’m mixed (African American/White), and I’m always being mistaken for being of Spanish descent. I thoroughly enjoyed the women at the Del Rey, but at the end of the day, I’m a one woman kind of guy. I’m in the process of planning my next trip for May of this year. Have you and your wife moved back to the states, or do you live in Costa Rica? I’m sure I’ll be staying in San Jose again. Do you think you’d be able to help me have a different kind of vacation this time? One where I can meet a nice Tica and get to know her, and not just hang out at the Del Rey.



    • Patrick,

      You will need to make a clean break from that part of San Jose if you want to find a “nice Tica.” You should set your targets on middle to upper class women in areas like Escazu, Santana, Rhomoser, Curridabat,etc. The poor girls are mostly interested in your wallet. My wife and I live in Costa Rica and we have three kids in school down here.

      I can certainly help you plan your vacation. My wife and I are launching a small tourism business. You book your hotel right on this site. Let me know what part of town you want to stay in. I can also help point you to areas where you might encounter that “nice Tica.” Send me your email and I will send you a phone number to call for planning.

    • Hey Patrick,

      Thanks for chiming in. I am pretty psyched that you are willing to step-up and take a risk. Most tourist that come down here just settle for the easy way out. Like I have said – less than 1% of the women here work in the sex trade. So, why confine yourself to that small percent? I’m happy to help you out. Send an email to and I’ll give you some phone numbers. I also highly recommend staying in a hotel outside of San Jose. Put some distance between yourself and the DR to its not so tempting.

  7. I wanted to come down there and check out some lakes but what lake is the best is there a night club scene in the lake towns? or is it boring? want to meet some hot women that like to dance and have fun? is there any casinos in the lake towns/citys? thanks for your help

    • Your best bet would be Arenal or La Fortuna area. Gambling and women are everywhere in Costa Rica. However, the magnitude will be smaller around Arenal. Unlike the mid-west in the US, which is pock-marked with lakes, Costa Rica is built upon volcanoes. The only big lakes here are man-made. That said, you might want to check-out Nicaragua. The lake there is huge and I know the chicas are calientes. No idea on gambling in Nicaland, but I would bet it is legal.

  8. Oh Boy,
    Dead on about the Latin woman. I recently ended a year and a half live in relationship with my middle aged Colombian girlfriend. She lived with me for free,whilst I paid for her citizenship and most of her bills on my modest income. When I told her I would no longer pay her bills, it wasn’t long before she returned to her daughters in south Fl.
    Well, at least she was HOT in the sack as you have said!!!
    Hey ,you left out one other trait of the Latin woman. Extreme jealousy! To the point of ridiculous.
    Any, I want to plan a dental vacation to CR. Can you recommend a city or region for this, as well as possibly meeting an older-well preserved woman who might possibly be looking for a mutual LTR that will not need her debts paid ?

    • Certainly, I can help. Send me an email to with the details or your proposed flight. The dental vacation – I can certainly help arrange. The romantic side of your request is a little bit more difficult. In this case, I can provide some good guidance and places to go for meeting women. However, you will need to swim a little on your own in this pond.

  9. evan
    good blog, good info, thank you,
    I will be traveling mid Dec- to NW-western section of CR, any areas you recommend in those west coast areas- besides Escazu, Santana, Rhomoser, Curridabat,etc.??
    Greatly appreciate! will send e mail as well

    • These areas are all in the Central Valley and nowhere near the coast. If you want to be in the central valley with quick access to the highway then I recommend Escazu or Santana.

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